About Us

1. places diametrically opposite each other on the globe.
2. a direct or exact opposite.

We are a team of merino wool addicts. Despite many of us having memories of begrudgingly having to wear thick, itchy, hand-knitted sweaters as children, once we discovered the super powers of merino wool we were converted.

As wool has become finer, softer, more versatile and easier to care for, it has become the mainstay for people from elite athletes to businessmen. They use it because it is lightweight, comfortable, practical, and breathable. We want merino wool to become a mainstay for babies and children. We know that merino wool is perfect for babies who cannot self-regulate their body temperature, for toddlers who want to be active day and night without wearing bulky clothing, and for parents who want peace of mind and to spend less time washing clothes.

Antipodes Merino was founded to convert the masses who use synthetic and bulky materials to keep their children warm, while making it as affordable and accessible as possible. We are Antipodes Merino because not only is merino wool warm in winter and cool in summer but we are using raw wool from New Zealand in conjunction with a superior high quality textile design expertise in New Zealand's antipodes: Portugal

 New Zealand merino sheep in summer