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"Think less is more. Buy one really good thing, and you can use it for so much longer. That's the best thing about this [sleep bag]... you just have to buy one, only one. It works in all seasons, it comes in non-offensive colours, and you get peace of mind your baby is cosy, comfortable, and safe"


Review: Antipodes Merino sleeping bag (Liza Prideaux)

"One thing I instantly noticed was that this is a very lightweight sleeping bag. I wondered how it would keep Renzo warm because it is very thin however the fabric is where the magic is. Merino wool traps air between its fibres and creates a pocket of warm insulating air. And when it is warm outside, those same fibres naturally reduces sweat and moisture and expel heat. This is how the sleep bag regulates baby’s temperature when they are unable to themselves. Clever right?!."

Antipodes Merino sleeping bag


Night night; Sleep tight with Antipodes Merino (Tammymum)

"Now, in hindsight, I can honestly say I would rather [my daughter] had one, decent, higher priced sleeping bag than all of those. When I compare the quality, comfort, feel and weight of the Antipodes sleeping bag to the handful she has got through their really is no competition.... Also these bags are suitable from 3 months to 24 months, however if my two are anything to go by you will get a lot longer out of them. To my mind that is certainly value for money."

Antipodes Merino sleeping bag - Tammy Mum UK


Antipodes Merino sleeping bag review (Surrey Mama)

"I have been really impressed with this sleeping bag. The big draw for me for this one over other sleeping bags was how durable it was for differing temperatures, it means that you only need to spend money on one sleeping bag for all seasons and as long as you follow the temperature chart you know your baby will be at the correct temperature... you save money in the long run by not having to buy potentially 5 or 6 traditional bags, or more if you need spares. I am totally sold on Merino wool sleeping bags and wish I had discovered them sooner."

Antipodes Merino sleeping bag - Surrey Mama