Why merino is perfect for your little ones

Why merino wool?

There is no other fabric quite like merino wool. It is soft and stretchy but is still able to regulate body temperature, repel odors and resist moisture and stains. It's not itchy like your grandmother's wool and it can even  be thrown in the washing machine when you finally need to wash it.

The merino sheep are not native to the mountains of Australia and New Zealand (the sheep originally came from Portugal and Spain), however the sheep have evolved to handle the extreme climates of Australia and New Zealand and develop super fine wool which is prized by designers and brands around the world. The merino sheep's wool insulates its body in the cold snowy winters and then allows hot air and moisture to escape during the hot dry summers. This same natural thermoregulating 'technology' transfers to merino wool clothing, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Why merino is naturally perfect for babies

There are lots of reasons why merino is the perfect fiber to use with your baby... here are just a few of these reasons, however you can always get more info on our Why Merino page if you're interested:

Merino is easy to care for - essential for parents!

Unlike synthetic fabrics, merino wool has longer more durable fibers which last for years and maintain their drape and elasticity. The fiber naturally repels odors, dirt and dust thanks to a stain resistant and anti-static outer layer, which means you have to wash it less often. And when you need to wash it, you can just throw it in the washing machine with your regular load and won't need to worry about ironing it thanks to its natural elasticity.

Merino keeps your baby the perfect temperature

Breathable, insulating merino wool helps to keep babies warm in cooler weather by trapping heat in its natural air pockets. The fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate extra layering, making merino ideal for changing temperatures! Then in summer, the merino is also more breathable than cotton and synthetics, helping to wick away any sweat from your baby's skin and help keep them cool.

Merino is 100% natural

Unlike most of the synthetic fabrics on the market, merino wool is crafted entirely from the wool fleeces of sheep. Shocking, right?! Natural fibers are the best thing you can use against your baby's brand new, sensitive skin to minimize irritations or any allergic reactions.