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Setting your baby up for a good night's sleep

10 tips for baby sleep You see all these mums posting pics of sleeping babies on Instagram or strolling through the neighbourhood with a latte in hand and a sleeping baby in the stroller, and you wonder how they do it. Sleep is one of the hardest things many parents have to deal with in the early years of parenting. Quality sleep is influenced by many factors, and is obviously dependent on the baby, however there are a few things you can do to set your baby up for success. Keep things quiet and calm before sleep In the beginning babies often sleep more than they are awake, and when they are awake, our instinct is to stimulate them with...

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Choosing the right sleeping bag for your baby

What is a baby sleeping bag? ​​Even the tiniest baby moves around in their sleep, meaning any bedding like blankets slip down, leaving babies cold and more prone to waking frequently.  For someone uninitiated, a baby sleeping bag / sleep sack / sleep bag helps solve this problem. A sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that allows movement and comfort without the risk of the baby kicking off its blankets during the night. They are easy to use, fast to put on, and the perfect solution for keeping your baby covered and cosy all night long. Benefits of using a baby sleeping bag While it’s tempting to use the cute crocheted blanket your grandmother knitted you or a large duvet...

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