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Caring for your merino wool

These days wool is often machine washable and easy to care for, so you don’t have spend excess money on dry cleaning or time on hand washing. That said, despite being strong, durable, and versatile, merino gear still needs to be treated with care and respect to keep it looking its best and make sure it has a long life. Here are some easy to follow fabric care and stain removal tips rules to keep your Antipodes Merino wool gear in the optimum condition.

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Some sample baby sleep routines for babies and toddlers

Routines are a controversial topic for new mums. Some swear by rigid routines, while others are happy to go with the flow. Regardless of your position, one important aspect for healthy consistent sleep is a pre-bedtime routine. One study of more than 10,000 children across Australia, Canada, China, India, Japan, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S., found that a bedtime routine was consistently associated with better sleep outcomes. These babies, toddlers, and kids tended to go to bed earlier, spend a shorter amount of time falling asleep, wake up fewer times through the night and sleep longer overall. A pre-bedtime routine does not need to be complicated. It may involve a combination of quiet play time, a bath, some books,...

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Setting your baby up for a good night's sleep

10 tips for baby sleep You see all these mums posting pics of sleeping babies on Instagram or strolling through the neighbourhood with a latte in hand and a sleeping baby in the stroller, and you wonder how they do it. Sleep is one of the hardest things many parents have to deal with in the early years of parenting. Quality sleep is influenced by many factors, and is obviously dependent on the baby, however there are a few things you can do to set your baby up for success. Keep things quiet and calm before sleep In the beginning babies often sleep more than they are awake, and when they are awake, our instinct is to stimulate them with...

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